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creativity: 10/10

execution: 10/10

wilhelm scream: 0/10 (hate this overused sound effect. have hated it in film forever)

still a 5/5. would have given it a 6 (which i can do because i'm tom fulp's boss irl) if there had been no wilhelm scream though

great work.

pretty hard to understand the lyrics. you should put subtitles. honestly the voice effect was pretty unpleasant.

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i liked it but, despite it seeming easy.. i always ended up in serious trouble.

i feel like i'm missing something big in how this game is meant to work/be played.

it's just boxes dropping changing my weapon type.. and me freezing if i stay away from the barrel too long.

that's literally it.

edit: so i refreshed and tried again and this time i arbitrarily shot at the little wooden posts in order to change their graphic from.. a wooden post to a skinner looking wooden post and that started the "game" game.

not sure how we were supposed to know to do that. i was reading the tutorial messages at the bottom. i don't think they ever told me to modify the wooden post graphics. and if they did.. then they did it in passing and went away and were replaced with other unrelated messages.

i'm raising the score from a 0 to a 2 because now i see it wasn't broken per se but just has bad design in the player training department.

the aesthetics are all on point and the mechanics feel good. but the semi-softlocking of the game was so infuriating that i don't feel like giving it much more of a shot.

second level... you can't get past the water without putting out the torch. even if you get a running jump right off the edge.


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this was really bussin

This just sounds like a bunch of presets tbh.

Solid. Good range in this and the other reel. Was expecting cringe from NG and it definitely sounded like something that would fit a wide range of projects.

Julieparkvo responds:

Aww thank you very much. I love your music <3

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some amazing fap material. i wish you could have her drooling a bit here

MLeth responds:

You can photoshop a little drool on there yourself - It's not so hard. I believe in you!

There's right-on-the-line-almost nipslip. Then there's just... absent nipples.

Should either be nipples or the top less revealing.

The angle of the head and features on the face feels off. Like the features are skewed and the head is tilted but the features aren't.

The lighting/particle effects and especially the background and clothing look great.

CrabbWalker responds:

Definitely. Her eyes are slanted, which I think throws everything slightly off proportion wise.

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