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And now she wants the lasagna too......?

i find this type of humor so lazy and childish.

Sonjira responds:

Lazy and childish, you've got me pegged to a T! 😁 It's all good, kudos for the honesty!

great look. can't tell if stop motion or 3d animation. looked great either way.

the "leave me alone" scream at the end was cringey though. i have never found that comedy beat of having someone yell in rage at scene end funny at all. always feels like 12 year old humor the kind of stuff little kids would really laugh hard at.

also their corpses had no evidence of a chainsaw having been used on them and the villain ran out of the alleyway way too soon after the last gunshot sound.

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great game.

few suggestions:

1. don't reset us when we die. give us something so that our progress wasn't for nothing

2. zoom out as our ship becomes bigger

3. let us sell components. if you just fill out your starting slots you're screwed.

4. get rid of the extenders that just eat up one slot and give you one slot. they are completely pointless.

5. add the tag: shmupgrade. that describes this genre perfectly and is a term i invented.

edit: thanks for responding. love this game

YaenGames responds:

Thanks for the suggestions!

1. Meta progression would be really cool for a game like this. Within the constraints of only having 4 hours per person to work on this, we had to cut some corners, but for a full release, that would be the way to go for sure!

2. This is actually the case already. The camera zooms out when you add size modules.

3. This is a much requested feature and I think you're right. That, with some tradeoff, would make the game better.

4. I agree that they feel a bit useless in most cases right now. I think we should have added a slot on the corners / in the middle of the pipes.

5. I have added the tag! :D

literally before i even took off in the train the first time, the exact type of game this was trying to be became immediately apparent and i was hooked.

i'm going to make a text-based incremental game based on this theme. i'll include credit to this game. but you can't have any of the riches i inevitably derive from said endeavor.

and by the time you try to sue me for any, i'll be able to afford way better lawyers than you so it'll be pointless.

see you in court.

update: taking off a star because the first two traders offered motors for insane costs i could not afford and the next three traders did not even offer a motor. given how important i'm assuming the motor is, having it rng-gated this way is insanely stupid.

pretty polished and fun

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This just sounds like a bunch of presets tbh.

Solid. Good range in this and the other reel. Was expecting cringe from NG and it definitely sounded like something that would fit a wide range of projects.

Julieparkvo responds:

Aww thank you very much. I love your music <3


Your instrument choice reminded me of Cyan Inc.'s intro on games like Myst.

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how is she saying that

AdventVoice responds:

I am sure it is the same as being able to speak with a mouth full of marbles.
It is a testament to her skill, to be able to say that without using her teeth.

some amazing fap material. i wish you could have her drooling a bit here

MLeth responds:

You can photoshop a little drool on there yourself - It's not so hard. I believe in you!

There's right-on-the-line-almost nipslip. Then there's just... absent nipples.

Should either be nipples or the top less revealing.

I try my best to be modest. In fact I'd say I'm far more modest than anyone else.

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