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Need advice on how to navigate being a genius

Posted by sharpnova - April 26th, 2020

So as pretty much everyone here knows, I'm a legit genius.

The problem is, how to handle that. For me it's fun. I get to peer deep into the inner workings of the universe and see more and further than any man or woman before me.

But for all of you it is intimidating, infuriating, and pretty damn mysterious.

I guess what I'm asking is if any of you have had experience dealing with this problem. How do you bridge that great chasm of experience?



I'm not clever person - this is how I avoiding that problem.

Read The Tao of Pooh

No. If you have a thought then share it. Don't offshore your "helpfulness" to some other source that I couldn't care less about.

@ZebraHumor @sharpnova You need to read the full book

no idea what you're talking about. but if there's some book that you aren't able to summarize the key point in here, then you didn't really understand it. and if you didn't understand it, then your recommendation that i read it is worthless.

You sound pretty conceited, but also there is no answer to "navigate" being a genius. If it's fun to think of being a genius, then continue that.

You just wouldn't understand.

@nullBinary @sharpnova I'm afraid I don't.

Is this a humble brag even, it seems like a regular brag

Accumulate mass. Sit on those who disagree with you. If you have been endowed with a trunk, employ it strategically. Use your superior memory to remember where your peanuts are at.

You might think I'm not being serious but you would be mistaken. The world throws a problem at you, testing your patience and taunting you for your genius? ALWAYS REMEMBER WHERE YOUR PEANUTS ARE AT. A lot of people forget where their peanuts are at, look at all the stupid stuff they do because they've forgotten. Next time you see someone being an idiot and doing something completely contrary to his own best interests, like badmouthing his boss in public or mansplaining to his girlfriend why he never does the dishes, you can tell yourself "that guy's got no idea where his peanuts are at".

I masturbate endlessly until the dopamine rots my brain and I don't have to think

@LethalElephantForce I felt there was truly no way on shitting on this person then I read your post... and I feel dumb now. I was focusing on making this person who sincerely believes she some anomaly, a real 1 in a million. When in fact, she (most likely he) is just some redditor, so a real 1 of a million. But what's the point of making this point if I don't even know where my peanuts are. Thanks, LEF.

My mental intellectual intelligence is far rarer than 1 in a million.

Somewhere north of 6 s.d.

@sharpnova guy, stop catfishing on newgrounds, a dead site, to tell kids who play flash games that you believe you are a savant and GO. FIND. YOUR. PEANUTS.

Face your betters and be humbled.

I would love to but there don't seem to be any :( :(