I try my best to be modest. In fact I'd say I'm far more modest than anyone else.

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My Tremulous Mind

Posted by sharpnova - March 28th, 2020

Do you know how in Bleach when people would go near people with really high spiritual pressure, they would feel wobbly and weak and have trouble standing?

That is the effect my intelligence has on people. It's called intellectual pressure and it's a thing. When you're around me, especially in a math or physics setting, it can be difficult to function properly. You will feel mentally and physically weak.

I can't really control it. I try to be modest. I try to be humble and "keep it in my skull" so to speak. (notice how I use phrases like 'so to speak' which right off the bat should show you the extent of my intellectuosity) but it tends to bleed out.

I'm highly intellectuous af and I guess what I'm saying is that I'm not going to apologize for that. But it's not without its hardships. Do you have any idea what it's like to just "get" any job you apply for? To always be overqualified in anything you do? To virtually crush people in every argument you have? To have people just cringe and shy away from talking to you out of raw respect and unmitigated intellectual inferiority?

No. You probably don't. And if you think you do? Lol. It's just a clear sign that you don't.

*drops mic*

Peace, simpletons.



Do you know the principle of the uncarved block in taoism? Sometimes simplest is best.

do you know the story of darth plagueis the wise? it's not a story your parents would have told you.

@ZebraHumor @sharpnova Nope. I would love to hear it.

k his boipucci was bomb-tier and the senate was thrilled af

A youtube video of you applying to like 500 jobs and showing off all the acceptance letters/calls would be baller as fuck and go viral

I always get offered the job. That’s a… call I’ve received many times. The slight hopefulness in their voice, the pregnant pause… while they wait to hear my response, and then… my response.

How has the job in California been treating you?