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I try my best to be modest. In fact I'd say I'm far more modest than anyone else.

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My intellectual tremulosity

Posted by sharpnova - November 6th, 2018

I'd like to take a moment to talk about it.

I know a lot of you are very frustrated that I don't post more often but you have no idea how busy I am and furthermore, how much time it takes to write a post like this. (each sentence is rewritten at least 50 times. the concepts manipualted and rearranged like simultaneous equations until the logic is as concise yet fluid as possible)

So I will keep this brief. My intellectuousness is worth discussing.


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I can relate to how you feel. I try to make each word I say have meaning instead of tossing swear words around without regard to context or definition.

Me hate complicated words! Me wants you to get better soon .


What do you like to program? I see it as your profession and I am curious.

little games. and a lot of little math and physics simulate-ish tools. also i have an addiction to creating command line interfaces. i'm working on a big scale project "OS" that is more of a game than anything. but it is meant to feel like an old school command line OS with lots of features and little games. it's going to be designed like a metroidvania where you poke around a thousands year old computer system picking up access to things and commands and privileges that unlock cooler more ancient areas of the file system, uncovering what happened, etc.

my current bottleneck is simulating a CRT screen. there are no good standardized ways of doing that and most of mine only look ok. none look great.

Why waste time say lot word, when few word do trick?

Hi filler content

@Quisty @sharpnova that sounds awesome! wish you luck doing that project, and please post that here on NG once you have a nice version :)

Any games that you are making going to be submitted to NG? Do you have a photographic memory? I had college level reading skills in high school because of that. Now I can barely understand books I am a burnout.

I have another account for that. I would never associate anything I've made with this account. I'm far too hated due to having done some really hilarious and clever trolling and dumb people getting very angry.

And photographic memory is a myth. No one has ever been documented as having one. Ever.

Seeing memory with visual things in your mind is photographic memory right? I had it, don't care what documents say I believe it's real.

Edit: I guess that is hard to prove?

That's not the way memory works. You may have *thought* you were seeing things. But you weren't seeing a detailed image that included accurate (and no inaccurate) details that you hadn't noticed before.

Sorry. Your anecdotal account doesn't hold 1/10000th as much weight as empirical evidence, experiment, and working theory.

wow you're still alive glad to know :) how have you been?

Oh, hello you
Yes. I have this exact dilemma even when it comes to writing important documents.
Just start and let it flow, or do a little bit each day? Whatever works.

I thought the film "the man with two brains" would be a film about a highly intellectual man but..well... Haha. Old films are the best. I love the way old entertainment didn't even try to explain things or make it convincing.

Ok. Thanks bye

post games here on this account coward.


@ninjamuffin99 @sharpnova because you said you'd never associate anything you made on this account. but if you do post games here despite that, i would respect you and your opinions more

if that's what you base your respect on then i really don't care about your respect doe.

you should care about my respect because i am smarter, cooler and much more attractive than you, and you could learn a thing or two from me

you didn't say one true thing in that comment.

on the internet im always 100% truthful and serious. I never lie or make jokes. So you can stop hitting on me

stop replying to me. i'm not interested in you. you're definitely a fat weeb unable to grow a mustache who wears a thick long beard to hide his weakass jaw line. stop cheating on your waifus by talking to me.

you didnt say one true thing in that reply.

again stop with the flirting. not interested. i'm way out of your league.

You're the one callin me all these cute names and shit like "weeb". im really not taking this anywhere but it does seem like we enjoy each others company

stop hitting on me. not interested.

why would i hit on someone like you like i mdntioned earlier i am much more attractive and intelligent than you obviously

i don't know or care why you would or wouldn't. i'm just asking you to stop.

Your intellectuousness is probably better than hawkins and eintsteins combained and better than my probably haha ahhhhh iam dumb lol